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Being able to manage miners...

It might be the most asked about thing on the IRC. Thanks BurningToad!

randyfolds , 08.07.2011, 23:14
Response from the site administrator
BurningToad, 12.07.2011
This is done. You can now hide workers.
Idea status: completed


randyfolds, 08.07.2011, 23:16
And by miners, I meant workers....poor computer illiterate me...
NetTecture, 17.07.2011, 15:55
No, more is needed. You dont use the password, so make it usable ;)

I work on a pool, and bascially I accept any password for a worker and use it to GROUP the workers. The user id is primary grouping, then you can say Card1/Gpu1 and it forms a subgroup Card1 with a subgroup Gpu1 automatically which can be used for statistic tracking ;)

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