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Per User Time Zone Support

Currently, all dates and times on the arsbc site are in UTC. The site should display all dates and times according to each user's timezone. User's timezone should be set by the user and support daylight savings time where applicable.

zoomer , 10.07.2011, 14:19
Idea status: under consideration


randyfolds, 10.07.2011, 22:03
I don't know about the ease of implementation, but I do like the idea.
Zoomer, 11.07.2011, 00:49
It seems like php was used, so it should be relatively simple by storing an additional field per user, and then calling date_default_timezone_set ( ) and everything should work. If the server is *nix based, it shouldn't be too bad. Windows servers, urgh.
cscscs, 18.01.2012, 11:38
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