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Static BTC in last 24h

You can see this function in deepbit.

Cuong Nguyen , 10.07.2011, 15:18
Response from the site administrator
BurningToad, 05.08.2011
Added Paid PPS work in last 24 hours. This could vary a little bit, since work is paid about every 1.5 hours at the moment.
Idea status: completed


Valenz, 02.09.2011, 21:48
I voted for this feature but what I was looking for is to see how much I was earning, not how much I was getting paid.

I like to see how much I'm earning over a 24 hour period because it represents how much work I've been doing. Before I make a change such as updating a miner or trying out something new I liked to look at the 24 hour value. Since the buffer has run so low, even sometimes negative, the amount I am paid over the past 24 hours no longer helps me judge performance. The "current hashrate" doesn't help either since it varies by so much.

The graphs are nice, but nothing really helps more than seeing one simple number for my work over the past 24 hours.

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